The Game

Zak learned how to play UNO when he was in school last year. He was so surprised when he found UNO cards while we were unpacking our things here.

“I know how to play this game!” He shouted with more enthusiasm than can adequately be typed on a blog post. “I learned this game at school!”

 So, you will regularly find Zak with a stack of UNO cards in one hand and a pleading look on his face as he walks through the house in the evening. He has found siblings that say yes; but he most enjoys it when Daddy says yes to a game.

Rest assured if you come to our house on a weeknight you will hear squeals of delight as he ‘catches’ Dad ‘forgetting’ to say UNO. It seems nothing makes him get ready for bed as quickly as the promise of three games of UNO as soon as his pajamas are on and teeth are brushed.

It has been really neat for us to find something we can do with Zak as a family; an activity that we can include him in and still have fun.

It will be UNO tonight before bed; and if Zak is lucky tomorrow afternoon when he gets up from a nap he will find a brother or a sister willing to play a quick game; and you will find me in another room with my eyes closed taking in the sound of togetherness. Sometimes being a Mom is the greatest sound in the whole wide world.

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