The New View

We started talking about moving south several months ago.  There was an element of excitement in the thought of such a big move; but overall there was quite a lot of dread in my heart at making that big of a move with our family.

I would go throughout my days and think of all of the things I was going to miss about our life there in Wisconsin.  I would miss our house.  I would talk with one of our neighbors and think of how much I would miss them.  So throughout the day I would have this sad feeling of all of the things that were going to change.

One of the biggest things that I felt I would miss the most was the special spot that Rob and I had found in Mayville.  There is a big hill on the edge of the cemetery that we found was a wonderful spot to go and spend some time together.  So, when we wanted to be alone to talk, or at the end of a date night we would drive the car up the hill and sit at the top and look out over the scenery below us.  We could see a long way off and it was a beautiful view.

I most dreaded our move because I would miss our view.  I loved being able to look out for miles.  I told Rob one of the last times we were there how much I was going to miss that spot on top of the hill and being able to see out for miles.  He agreed and during our time there that time that indeed we would miss such a beautiful view during our date nights.

Then, we moved here: 

I laugh now when I head home.  There is no hill to find to see for miles; for we can see for miles each and every time we go home.  We live on top of the hill.   We can literally see for miles -  and miles - from our back yard.  I reminded Rob of my regrets of having to leave Mayville's picturesque spot.  We laughed as we looked out of the car windows at the breathtaking view on either side of us. The mountain that we live on makes Mayville's spot look like a tiny little hill.

Then, I thought of how that is a lot like the Christian life.  We are so afraid sometimes of doing something that God wants us to do.  So afraid to leave the comforts that we have and are familiar with.  Just like I was feeling about our little hill there in Wisconsin.  How God must chuckle at our thoughts and fears of the unknown.  He sees what we don't.  He heard every conversation I had with Rob about our view and our hill and He must have smiled - just a little- as I was talking because He knew what the view was going to be like here in North Carolina. 

So thankful that I can trust Him - and know that when He leads me somewhere else I can trust Him.  Fear and regret of leaving that with which I was familiar would have caused me to miss an even more spectacular view.  Fear will keep me from experiencing all that God has for me.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did. 

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