Country Life For Me

Have I mentioned before that I love living out in the county? Well, I love living out in the county. I feel like I am living in a dream come true. I love the wide open spaces. The ability to have the little ones go out and play and not have to worry about a neighbor coming and complaining about the noise. I think God made me to live in the country.

One thing I grew tired of when we lived in the city was the constant “Can we do…?” or “Can we go…?” questions. Out in the country there are fewer decisions that I have to make because everyone automatically knows that they cannot go into town until town day so location alone has caused those questions to leave their lips.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching my kids ‘find’ things to do here at the farm. We are falling into a routine now, starting to feel at home. We do our morning routine and then after lunch the little ones lay down for their quiet time. During their rest time the older kids can be found in the yard playing catch, or at the kitchen table playing a card game. Monopoly has seen more table time in the past three weeks than it had in the past 3 years. I love listening as the kids interact and play together; something life so easily pulled them away from.

I stand at the window mesmerized watching Zak as he takes his daily bug hunt walk. With a plastic container in one hand and an old ladle in the other he is armed and ready for a new adventure every day. A world is waiting to be discovered and new creatures waiting to be found, caught and shown to his as he opens the plastic bowl that Anna has named “the bug tank”.

I love that the nearest Red Box is almost a half hour away. I love the fact that most garage sales have a bigger movie selection than our local library. I love that the TV has a place tucked away in a small closet off the living room and that one of my little ones has said that watching a movie “used to be fun, but it’s boring now that we live in the new house.” Now, I am not against watching movies or finding things to do in town; but I have found a wonderful satisfaction in watching my children play with nature and explore the world right outside their bedroom window.

There also is more work to be done in the county. A bigger yard to mow, a big garden to weed. There is a clothes line that is being used daily and hardwood floors that are never too clean to be swept again. There are friendly neighbors who have blessed us with a visit and will be repaid their kindness by a homemade treat made from our kitchen. There is never time to be bored in the country; but always time to relax from your work.

So, I am here – in the country taking in every single moment I can and living it to it’s fullest. I am making my plan of what I will do if there is a snake. I am preparing myself for seeing a small little mouse running from here to there as it makes it’s pillage for food come fall. I am making plans to treat these circumstances when they come like a farm girl – not a city girl; and I hope beyond hope that I am successful in my venture.

Trust you are living your life to the fullest whether in the city or in the country. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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