Vacation Bible School

This week has been busy with our Vacation Bible School.  What fun we have had; and how tired we are now that we are near the end of the week.  Even the little ones are sleeping in later than their normal early morning rising time!

Anna has been terrified of VBS since a couple of years ago when a clown came up behind her and scared her unintentionally.  She has not lost the phobia of dressed up VBS characters and has had a bit of a tumultuous week.  The first night her little body was literally shaking when she saw the costumed characters.  Since then, we have discovered that she has found that babies are safe from these "bad" people.  She willingly stays in the nursery till the skit time is done and over.  Then, she goes about the normal VBS time of snacks, games, Bible time and crafts.

Zak has taken the VBS week with gusto!  He LOVES every.single.part. of the evening.  He comes to the skit time with the same energy he finishes the game time.  I am amazed at his stamina and energy.  His favortie part about VBS is the game time. 

Rob and I have been in charge of game time for the little VBS'ers.  It has been fun trying to keep them all in focus of what we were doing next.  It was amusing for me to see a former youth pastor try to coordinate games for K4-second graders. Rob also played a part in the skit time.  Here he is in fine form.  LOL

The older kids have enjoyed helping out with different parts of the VBS.  Abbey had the opportunity to lead a little girl to the Lord.  This was a highlight of her week!

It has been wonderful to be involved in ministry again.  Working with people and seeing God do a work throughout the week. 

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