Bats our Lot in Life

When we moved from our house in Mayville we warned the people renting the house that we have had bats before.  We have!  I hate bats.

When we looked at the farmhouse that we have rented here in North Carolina one of our first questions was, "Have you had a problem with bats?"  That was asked more than once; actually several times.  We wanted to make sure that we were leaving our bat stories in Mayville.  Well, and Kaukauna - for that matter. 

So, we moved in with confidence that our bat stories were over.  Imagine our surprise when early this morning (2:36am to be exact how early!) we heard Zak say this phrase, "Dad, there is something flying around in the kitchen and I thought you might want to know."

This jumped us into action.  At roughly 2:37am this morning you could hear Rob say in a military tone of voice, "Everyone close your door s!" Now, this is a phrase that he has said many times before; but we were hoping that would be a phrase only used when we lived in the North - not the South! 

Everyone obeyed the command and you could hear their obedience with the slam of the bedroom door.  Then we heard the sounds that accompany a bat being found in the house.  (It sounds like warfare and hand to hand combat.) 

While the clock still read 2:37 we heard the welcomed report, "Coast is clear!" and the doors opened and details were being craved from everyone. 

Our first bat experience lasted about 4 hours.  This one:  45-50 seconds.  I think that we are getting the hang of taking care of flying intruders. 

I got back into bed wondering if God is getting us ready for something.  A mission field?  A foreign county?  A child who will be living in jungles with flying creatures that make me scream?  Not sure what; but I am thankful to be in His will - even it that means a flying bat from time to time! 

Thanks for stopping by.  I trust your nights rest this evening will be uninterrupted.


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