A New Chapter

Last week I flew to Denver to meet a lady I had only spoken to on the phone.  We had never met face to face.  We had talked, however, from our hearts and our hearts share something very special.  Each of us has lost a baby suddenly due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  Both of us have experienced what it is like to have life change in an instant.  Everything about life to feel out of order and out of control; and each of us has found that God can heal and restore and bring good from such a terrible situation.

So, last week, we met face to face.  We talked.  We cried.  We planned.

After her son died from SIDS Cheryl and her husband started what is now known as SIDS America.  A non-profit, faith based organization to help parents who are grieving the same loss that they had encountered.

I have no doubt that God allowed our paths to cross and after much prayer and a lot of conversations, we believe with certainty that God has called to me work with SIDS America!  It is a ministry I am excited to become a part of.

I will be handling the support services of SIDS America.  I will be talking with families as they grieve the loss of their baby and obtaining resources needed to help these families.  My husband and I will be doing marriage counseling together with couples when the need arises. I will be writing bi-weekly for the SIDS America blog in an effort to put out written work that is readily available for grieving parents. 

I wanted to share this new venture with you my readers and ask you to pray.  Pray that God will use me in this ministry for His glory and honor.  Pray that my words will point grieving parents to Him. 

It was my prayer the moment I walked into Ally's room and saw my husband doing CPR on her that God would allow me to use this for His glory.  The position with SIDS America is an answer to my prayers and I trust God will be magnified through my ministry there.

Thanks for your prayers for me and I begin my new journey.

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