Jesus in Pink

Last Christmas someone gave us an old fashioned nativity scene to set up outside.  I was thrilled with the donation.  So, this year we got the Christmas decorations out I was quite excited to put up the nativity set in the front yard.   We pulled the shepherd out of the box and then the three wise men.  Anna asked what their names where and we named each one of the four men. 

Then we pulled out the family.  Mary first and Anna kissed her.  (Awkward; but true)  Then came Joseph.  He did not receive a kiss on the cheek; but she rubbed his head and looked at him closely.  Then the manger was set up and at the bottom of the box sat the plastic baby that represents the Holy Baby.  Anna was jumping with joy as we placed the baby in the wooded manger frame. 

She then sat down beside him and pulled him from the manger and tenderly began rocking him back and forth and telling him how much she loved him.

I finished plugging them all into the outlet and then headed in to put boxes away from the indoor decorating.  It was several hours later when Rob came home from work that I noticed the manger.  I could not see the baby; but rather a pile of coats and blankets.  Anna had wrapped up the baby.  Rob and I walked over, smiled and I picked up the coats and brought them inside and hung them all back up.  (Anna was in bed).

The next day I was walking out to get the mail and I found the same pile of coats on the manger.  This time a hat was securely tied on the baby lying warmly beneath ALL the coats.  This scenario has happened several times.  Anna just can not stand to see the baby in the manger without something to cover him up and make him warm. 

I am done taking in the coats and hats.  We have found one that fits around the baby and a fleece scarf that covers him up nicely.  Anna was insistent that it be HER coat and hats that keep the baby warm. 

So, if you drive by our house.  Enjoy the nativity scene.  You will not be able to see the baby in the manger; but you will see that this year the manger is filled with pink.  Somehow I think that God does not mind that the plastic baby representing Emmanuel is wearing pink this year.  If per chance, you drive by during Anna's play time you will not see her jumping on the trampoline, rather she is will be sitting by the nativity set singing to her baby and telling him how much she loves him.  My prayer is that someday soon she will realize just how much He loves her!

Oh, to love Him that dearly!
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I am so glad you did!

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