To Germany with Love

Well, Rachel, I figure you are homesick and missing us; because we miss you.  So, I thought since you can not come home - I will bring home to you through this post.  Hope you enjoy some pictures from our day.  :) 

Here I am saying Good Morning - or I should say, rather, "Good Night..."

 This is a basket Abbey bought for me last night while we were out.  I am planning on using it when I go to Aldi for fruits and veggies.  Do you like it?

After breakfast this morning James and I sat down and put the finishing touches on the garden plans.  Mr Crain came over and got it all ready for us yesterday. (Thanks Mr Crain!!) So, we will start planting tomorrow.  (Lord willing and the creek don't rise - or a tornado does not hit!)

Abbey bought Anna and Zak a slip and slide last night while we were out.  It was warm enough this morning for the kids to play in the water before lunch.  This is how Zak took to the slip and slide when he went down for this first time!

And.... this is how Anna took to it her first time...

You can only imagine how much fun they had on this thing!  It was fun to watch!

After getting dried off and hanging our clothes on the line we went out on the front porch for a picnic lunch.  Abbey had surprised them by buying frozen pizzas for everyone.  Zak and Anna were so excited!

So that was our day here in America.  We miss you!  I miss being able to take a picture of something on my cell phone and send it to you.  I grabbed my phone twice last night while we were shopping and realized that I could not send you a funny picture from our time out.  :)  Hope you had a good day.  We love you so much!

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Rachel said...

Mom!!!! It was so nice to see pictures! :) I miss you too! I should start posting pictures on a private blog! :) Miss you!