Our New Little Home

It has not been a year yet since we moved down South.  The move down here from up North was the biggest move we had ever made  - 18 hours away, three vehicles, five kids and lots of stuff.

God gave us a beautiful homestead to rent and when we signed the papers it was told to us that the owners would be retirning and moving back; but that it would probobly not be for another two years.  Well, throuogh the year things changed and the owners found it was possible to for them to retire a year early.  They were excited to finally be able to move to the homstead that had been in their family for years.  We were looking at the prospect of having to move - again.  That was not in my thoughts last June when we signed the lease.

It was in God's though.

God has provided us a beautiful little home just up the road from the house we were renting.  We love it!  It is considerably smaller than anything we have had since Rachel was just a baby; but it has been nice to look through our belongings and question:  "Do we really need this?"

So, while I did not plan on moving just ten in a half months since the last move; and I did find this move to be the most physically draining of any move we have ever made - I do love our new home.  (Even more than the other house we were at; but don't tell anyone I said that!)

I wanted to post pictures of our new home.  If this does not interest you - I understand.  For the most part, this post is for our daughter over in Rachel so she can see her new house.  The rest of you will just have t come along for the ride. 

The Front Porch - Welcome  

The View if you turn from the front door.  Beautiful!  We can see for miles!

Come on In!  Glad you are here!

To the right - the front room.

Looking back to the front door.

The Girls' Room

The door way leading into the dinning room.

The dinning room.  I finally got my picture hung.  I have not had that on the wall since Kaukauna.

The Unique feature of the house.  Yes, in the dinning room; but the laundry is easy to stay caught up on - and no cobwebs, spiders or steps to contend with when I need to do laundry!  LOVE IT!

The medicine cabinet.  Doesn't everyone keep their meds by their washer?  LOL

The shelf that my husband put up for extra storage.  I will paint it white when I finish unpacking and hanging pictures.  :)

Boys Room

Zak has a make shift trundle bed.  Bunk beds are being planned out and Rob will be making some here soon. 

No Cupboards for the time being.  I am having to be resourceful by figuring out my kitchen.  It has been a fun challenge to figure out.  The boxes on the shelves are temporary until I get something else. 

The fire place mantel in the kitchen.

The dresser I am using for drawer storage.  This too will get a fresh coat of white paint soon.

The hutch - with stuff on top - sorry; but the hutch is where I store all the dishes - and underneath all my serving bowls.  

The island table that James found at the dump.  It has been sanitized and will get some white paint here very soon.  I love it though.  

The shelves my husband put up for me.  They too will get painted white.  I have really enjoyed baking with everything there and ready at my finger tips. 

Our bedroom.

The desk - with a few boxes of books waiting to be put on shelves.  

We love books.  A picture will go in the middle of the wall above our bed.

The back door off the kitchen.

Our back porch

The woods from off our back porch.

The driveway and van.

Hydrangea bushes outside my kitchen widow

Side view of the house.  The steps lead to the front door.  Love the view.
I plan on doing some posts on organization of a family in a small house.  It has been fun figuring out where everything goes and finding a place for everything. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new home that God has given to us.  We are so thankful for all the blessings He bestows upon us.  God is so good.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour.  I am so glad you did.




Thank you so much for the tour, Martie. I loved it so much. I love your new hope and know you all will spend many happy days there. God bless and keep you all. connie

Cindy Cuellar said...

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Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Things really turned out for the better, Martie. Your new house is really spacious and has vibrant colors, which are applicable to your kids. The open space you have is just amazing. You can have regular picnics with your family there or just have fun activities under the sun. Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Lakisha Zimmerer @ Joanne Davidow

Katy Desroches said...

A huge house with a wide space? Perfect! You can think of tons of interior and exterior designs for it. By the way, I wonder how you found this place since it's 18 hours away from your previous house. I hope you can share some details. Thanks!

Martie said...

Lakisha, Thanks so much. We just love our new home!

Martie said...

Katy, My husband is in ministry. God brought us to the church here in NC to base our ministry out of the church here. So, I guess, we did not find this place - God brought us to it = and it is just perfect for us. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Martie said...

Cindy, I think that is a great idea - and I was thinking that too! I sold Tupperware years ago and loved organizing my cabinets with them. I will have to set aside a budget for that - and see what I can do. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :)