Dog Ownership and Music Lessons

Well, today was another busy day here at the home front.  I started the day out a bit later than my normal schedule - by my husband's orders.  Whatever I have done to my back has me fit to be tied.  I am in so much pain.  It hurts constantly and I can not do anything to alleviate the pain.  So, when the alarm went off and 5:40 in the morning; and was trying to get out of bed without crying - my husband looked at me and said - you are not getting up right now.  So, we had a later start.  I did not argue with him at all.

School went well.  I love watching the kids learn new things.  Zak is doing very well memorizing his poem and his verses for Patch club.  Memory work is the hardest thing for his little brain - so to see him making strides in this area brings me a lot of joy!

As we were busy getting the kitchen cleaned up from lunch, we had a visitor.  It was a visit I had been praying for; and dreading at the same time.  The owner of the dog that showed up at our house over a month ago stopped by after seeing the dog laying on our porch.  I knew it could be heartbreaking if she wanted the dog back; but had been praying that we would find out who owned the dog.  I could just imagine having this dog for months and then having to give it back to the owner if they found it.  We have made calls, asked around and put word out at the dump (seems to be the community meeting place... odd but true).    So, I had been praying that we would find out who the dog belonged to and soon!  Well, my heart did a little jump and I went out to find out who she was and that she was here about the dog.    She told me that she loved the dog very much; but that since the kids were here she could not make him stay at her house; because he just wanted to be here at our house.  She even told me that she would call the dog when she would go by and he would walk up to her and wag his tail; and then turn around and go and sit back on our porch.  She told me if we wanted the dog; she wanted to give him to us.  The kids were thrilled.  Zak got tears in his eyes and Anna kept saying thank you.  We found out his name is Trooper.  We have been calling him Thor.  So, in honor of this lady's generosity to us we will keep the name she has given to him.  Trooper is now our dog and we are excited to know how old he is ( 3 years old), where he came from (up the road about 1/4 of a mile); and that he is allowed to stay forever now with us.

I know the highlight of the day for Anna was being able to have her very first violin lesson.  Her violin is so tiny and she is so excited to learn to play.  Miss Rachel is a wonderful teacher and Anna seemed to learn a lot at her first lesson.  I am so excited to have her take lessons.  What a blessing Rob's parents have been to us through the years.  My children know how to play the instruments they do because of their Nanna and Papa.  They graciously send the money each month for lessons and have been such a blessing to us in that way.  We are so thankful for them.  Tonight we prayed with Anna that God would allow her to learn her violin so that she can use it for Him and in His service.   

So, that about wrapped up the day for us.  It was a good day.  We ended the night with prayer meeting at church.  It is always so wonderful to be able to be with other Christians and fellowship.

Trust you had a wonderful day.  Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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