The Kindergarten Files : Enthusiasm!

"Write you name on your paper and then put your hands in your lap.  (I reminded her this particular morning to not draw clouds around her name.)

The clouds had been drawn around her name yesterday.  Every paper.  Every printed name she wrote.  Penmanship class brings out my clouds.  I draw the curved lines around the letters that are written nicely and neatly.  I point out how wonderful her work is as I draw my artistic approval.  She had noticed and felt that her name - on every page - needed a cloud.  For the simple reason that it was *her* name and a special one at that.  I had told her to leave the cloud drawings to me and just write her name.  That was yesterday.  She remembered.  Name was written; and there was no cloud.

Our subjects begin with instruction, flashcards and teaching new concepts, then a worksheet. The rules are few and simple: 

No talking when I am talking.
No whining.
No toys at the table during school. (Polly Pockets had been invited; but had to be returned when that rule was made.)
Pencils down and hands in lap when Mommy is teaching.

The letter was "E" and she listened closely as I gave the lesson; hands folded and sitting in her lap; pencil box sitting on the table in front of her.  I began my lesson:

"E is one of the five vowels."

"Every word has a vowel; so that makes knowing our vowels very very important."  (Her eyes got big as I told her that fact.)

"E says ehhh as in elephant"

She listened.  She took it in.  Then I finished by giving the instructions on her worksheet.

"Color the Capital 'E' and the lower case 'e' purple; then color the elephant any color you would like.

I paused, waiting for her response.  It came with as much enthusiasm as I have  witnessed at sporting events.  The clasped hands came apart and reached for the new crayons sitting in her pencil box.

"I'm on it, Mom!  No need to worry.  I will color the letters purple..."  and off she went with her work.  Diligently coloring, even sticking out her little tounge in consentration as she worked.

And I sat and watched.... and thought.

"If only that was my response every time God speaks to me!" 

So many times I feel too busy to do what needs to be done.  I hurry through life and begrudge any extras that I am asked to do.  When I do this I fail to remember that God always gives me enough time to do all the things that I need to do; enough strength to accomplish His will for my life; and more grace than I could ever use up.  I am Divinly enabled to accomplish everything God asks me to do.

I can be enthusiastic about everything He wants me to do!  Enthusiasm could be a word that defines me.

God make me eager to do your will, to listen to your voice.  Make me enthusiastic - it is a character trait I fail to have so often!"  

Trust your week is going well; and that you will find opportunities to serve the Lord enthusiastically.  I know I ma going to try! 

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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