The New Instrument

I have been reading a blog and enjoying it very much.  On this blog the writer is posting a picture a day and keeping a journal of sorts about their life there.  (They are missionaries)  I thought I would do the same.  Not because we are missionaries or that our life is some spectacular event; but we do have family (mainly a sister/daughter who is living far away and we want to keep her posted on every day life here.  I thought some of the others of you might enjoy too.  Like grandma's and aunts and dear friends in the North.  :)  So, I will try to keep you posted with a picture a day and my thoughts on the happenings of our life here.  I will start with yesterday.  :)


We started into our school schedule.  We tried last week; but it just never came together.  I was sick last week and it just collapsed our week before we even got started.  Well, not this week!  The younger kids are into week three of their school and the older kids are starting their school year this week.  I love the first days of school!

I also love being on schedule.  I love getting things done and having the time set aside to do them.  It seems when we have summer break things do not get done as efficiently as they do when we are in a school schedule.  I love my school schedule.  I am funny that way.

Anna started reading her blends and I love how she is so excited when she gets the blend correct.  The light in her eyes makes me smile every single time.  I love teaching children how to read.  Zak is doing fantastic and retaining things better than normal.  I think it is the new meds we have him on.  I am thankful for them.  We have a doctor appointment on Friday and we will see how that goes for his medication check.

The big event of the day was getting Anna's violin from the music store.  Daddy brought it home when he came home from work.  We had one pretty excited little girl!  She was so excited to have her pictures taken and sent to her sister in Germany.  She will start lessons on Wednesday night.  She is pretty excited.  This is about all she talks about!

All is well here.  We woke up a little cold and it indeed feels like fall is on it's way here.  I love fall and the changing leave colors.  I think I am ready for the change of seasons. 

Well, that is life at our house on Monday.  Hope the beginning of your week started out as well also.  Thanks so much for stopping in.  I am so glad you did.


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