A Hard Week

We have had quite and interesting week here and I have not posted quite as much as I would like; but that happens sometimes. 

We started the week off with my husband sick and down for the count.  I hate to see him sick.  Thankfully it was a cold that he was able to fight off pretty good.  After three days - and one of them in bed for the entire day - he was feeling almost back to normal.  Yeah! 

Unfortunately, Abbey must have caught what Dad had and ended up in bed with a high fever and overall feeling pretty miserable.  So, I was home with her on Wed night.  I hate to see my kids sick!  Today she is feeling some better; but not back to 100%.  Hopefully she has what Dad had and is able to pop back like he did.  If so, we are looking at a good weekend.  :)

I mailed a box to Rachel this week.  I don't know why; but putting stuff from our home into the box; made me miss her so much more.  Germany felt SO much further away.  It is funny because everyone said the same thing in a different way.  It was like part of us was getting boxed over and sent to her; and we were all wishing it could be us going to see her.  So, Rachel's absence has been felt deeply this week; and Germany seems very very very far away from North Carolina. 

Zak has had A LOT of issues this week (the main reason for my delayed posts).  It was bad on Tuesday and has gotten progressively worse yesterday and today.  Finally this afternoon I knew we needed to call the doctor.  He is stuttering badly today - to the point that it was very debilitating, pulling his hair out, biting his lip and crying uncontrollably.  I was thankful when the doctor's number came up on my phone! 

So, we have changed his medications back to what he had before; but the doctor is pretty concerned about what we are seeing.  Please pray that this medication adjustment works.  We are looking at seizure medication next; and that is a whole different ball park, or so the doctor was telling me.  God is good, all the time though, and I am thankful that He has given us this opportunity to learn about Zak and the issues in the brain.  So many put labels on things without understanding (myself included, before we had Zak).  I now am so much more aware of how complex brain trauma is to a child and to the entire family.  I would not have had that understanding had it not been for Zak. 

I think that is about all I am going to post for tonight.  I am wore out and just wanted to touch base here and ask for prayers.  So many have told me they are praying and it means A LOT!  Thanks so much. 

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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Anonymous said...

I am also very glad that I "stopped by." Hope your weekend goes well, and I am praying for Zak.
Eleanor E.