Bench Seating, our Weekend, and an Update

We had a good weekend.

It seems to me that the weekend starts on Friday; because we have a different schedule for school on Fridays and are able to be a bit more laid back.  We started Friday out with James' trumpet lessons.  The Littles had fun sitting on a bench outside the music department.  The bench was hidden under a awning of leaves.  We talked about how that particular plant climbs up the wood and grows around the trellis.  The thought it was so much fun to sit in there while we waited.  :)

We enjoyed having friends over from church on Friday evening for dinner.  Enjoyed a wonderful night of food and fellowship.  There is something about being with other Christians and enjoying being together outside of the church building.  I wonder how much more important this type of fellowship will be if we as Americans ever come under times of persecution.  (Which I believe could be right around the corner.)

On Saturday, Rob built another bookshelf in our bedroom.  We had an old piano that we had come upon; and Rob used the wood from the piano for parts of the book shelf.  I loved the idea; and I am loving having all of his books out and around us now.  It makes it feel like we are more and more settled here.

The top shelf you can see here is from the lid of the old piano.  I love his creativity! 

I had been praying for a shower curtain that matched the walls that we have in our bathroom.  I had up the one we had in Kaukauna; but it was not a match at all for the decor.  I was able to find one this weekend; and it was for the amount of money I had left over from last weeks grocery money.  I was thrilled.  God is good - even with those little things that do not matter one ounce to the real nit and grit of life; but I am thankful that He cares and provides those things too!  

On Saturday afternoon we had a family phone call with Rachel. Almost everybody in the family was able to talk to her while she was on the phone.  I talked for a little while and handed the phone to Abbey.  Then, I went about finishing my "to do" list.  It was quite some time later when I looked out my bedroom window to see Anna walking in the garden (pacing back and forth like Daddy does when he is on the phone) and talking to someone.  Then I realized, she was on the phone talking to Rachel.  She had been talking for sometime.  Rachel kept asking her to go and get Mom; to which she kept saying that she did not want to because then she would have to give Mom the phone back.  Rachel asked her where she was - and she told her in the garden - where Mom can't see her to tell her it is time to go.  Quite the little conniver.  We laughed so hard.  So Rachel got to talk to Anna on Sat - for a LONG time.  LOL  Sister memories were made.... and my Mommy's heart was blessed.

Anna - walking in the garden where I 'can't' see here.  :) 

Saturday evening Rob and I had a date night.  We had so much fun together.  We went to a nearby mountain, hiked up a bit to be next to the river running down the mountain and enjoyed a picnic together.  We just sat there and talked and talked and talked.  It was so much fun.  As the sun was setting; we made our way down the mountain and reached the car before nightfall.  Sometimes the best dates are the most simple ones.  If I were to rate this date - I would put it right up there with the top five dates we have ever had in our entire married life.  It was wonderful!

We had a wonderful day at church yesterday with an afternoon lunch and and afternoon service.  It always feels so different to be home on Sunday nights on the Sundays that we have an afternoon service.  I took a long nap and Rob read and read a new book he had purchased.  We found out that the tires on the van were in desperate need of replacement; so on Sunday we had to be creative and enlist the help of a few friends to get us all to church.  The van is now jacked up and the waiting for the new tires that will be coming home with Rob after he is done with work today.  :)

The medication issues with Zak are still causing quite a bit of problems.  We are having a lot of neurological tics going on.  It is so troubling to see him suffering with these tics; but the doctor assures me that it is harder for those of us watching him then it is for him.  We are trying to determine if it is his meds (which everyone seems to think that it is) or a flare up with his Tourette's.  School went pretty well; despite the tics this AM.  I had to keep reminding myself to be patient and not rush him through his work.  The repetitive movement of the tics causes him to drop more crayons, stutter more, move his feet wile he is working, and scratch at his arm.  It can get a bit unnerving to have all of that movement while you are trying to teach; but God gave grace and our day went pretty well this morning!

Thanks so much for stopping in.  I am so glad you did.


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