A Lesson in Grace

I am amazed by grace. 

You see, I know me. 

I know who I can be… it is not always pretty.

I know what I am capable of… there is no sin I am not able to commit, to do, to participate in.

I know me.

I also know my weaknesses.

I know how desperately I want people to accept me; and how devastated I can be when they do not.

I know how insecure I can become.

I know hopelessness.  I have often been the cause of my own hopelessness.  Wrong decisions.  Wrong choices can lead there.

I know me. 

I know my past.  My failures.  My habits.  My shortcomings.  My  disobedience.  My sin.  My apathy.  My selfishness.

I know me; and it is not a pretty picture.

 I know how quickly I can justify myself, my sin, my wrong attitudes.

I know how quickly I can destroy the relationships in my life that I value; but lose sight of.

I know that in a moment I can cause pain and hurt to someone else.

I know me.

But then I am reminded of grace.  God’s grace.

I am reminded that He loves to redeem.  He delights to deliver.

I have a Redeemer who does not see me for who I am; but for who He is making me to be.

My Redeemer can take my weaknesses and make them strengths.

My Redeemer can take my insecurities and breathe into my heart the understanding of His acceptance for me; and in so doing I find that His acceptance is the only one I need.

My Redeemer forgets my past, accepts me in the present and guarantees me that if I allow Him to do His work in me the future will be a beautiful picture of grace.

Grace tells me that everything that I have done, everything that has ever happened to me, every person that has hurt me, every situation in life that has caused me pain will work out for good.  My good.

Grace tells me that I am not a failure, that my life has purpose and meaning, and that the future is not handcuffed by me – but is full of opportunities because of Him.

I think of grace and I am amazed.


In awe.

He redeems me from all the hurt, the pain, the insecurities.  He redeems me from myself; and calls me His own.

He delights in ME.  The God of the universe....

I want to know Him better than I know me.  

With eyes transfixed upon His grace for me I get up another day and live.  Truly live.

I am not a victim.  I am not a failure.

I am a child of the King.  He loves me.  He delights in me – and I am amazed!

Trust you are able to be amazed at Him as the Redeemer of your life.  Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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