To Uncomfortable

We spend our days talking about the dream.  The one He has given us.  Our quick phone calls to one another throughout the day contain tidbits of information about the dream.  We sit at the dinner table and listen to the children as they pray and realize that they are dreaming with us.  Their prayers are proof of that fact.  We tuck them into bed at night, turn the lights off throughout the house and escape into our seclusion to talk about the dream. 

It dominates our thoughts.

It consumes our conversations.

It fills our future calendar with dates, and times and agenda’s of things that need to be done to start living the dream in reality.

This day was no different from any of the others.  The days jobs were done, the children tucked in their bed and the house was quiet.  We sat together on the bed.  Pillows propped us up as we sat next to each other and dreamed.  We started thinking about what in our life that needed to change to make the dream a reality; and as we talked we realized He was calling us out of our comfort zone.  To the place of uncomfortable.

How many people have started out to live the dream He has given them and found they had to encounter uncomfortable?

We realize as we talk and plan that He is calling us to this place of uncomfortable and we realize that the path that leads us to uncomfortable has a name: FAITH. 

 Faith is easy to talk about; but to walk? 

He has given us the dream.  It is of His own making.  The burden on our hearts is of His own placing.  We look at what He has called us to do and realize that we cannot do it.  He can.  Faith grows in our lives when we allow Him to live His dream through us.   

We fall asleep talking about the dream and the work He will have to do in order to accomplish it and as sleep seems to creep closer and closer we throw out the question:   Are we willing to go to uncomfortable in order to see the dream become a reality?

The question is poised and sleep claims us both.  I awaken in the morning with the question still fresh on my mind as if it had just been asked minutes before; but this morning the question is personal, the struggle within my own heart.  “Am I willing to go to uncomfortable in order for God to be able to use me for what He has planned for me to do in my life?”

My husband keeps bringing up this man; and as he talks I realize that my husband has been challenged to move to uncomfortable.  He is asking me to follow; and while I wish to say that I am ready and waiting -I find myself holding back.  I dislike uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable means putting aside what I want for a greater purpose.  Uncomfortable means not having the answers and having to rest quietly in provisions that have been promised.   

I despise myself for holding back within my heart.

I pour the hot coffee, add the creamer and sit down on the sofa.  I open my Bible and Him where He wants me to read.    I turn there. 

“As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee:  I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.  Be strong and of a good courage…”

I know the words are for me – picked out by Him to show me that He will be with me when He leads me to uncomfortable.  He urges me on…

“…Be strong, and of a good courage: be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord they God is with thee withersoever thou goest…”

I sit there in quiet meditation of what He has shown me in His word.  It is His promise to me.  The steam from the coffee makes it’s way up into the air and disappears.  I watch and think and then I say to Him, “But do you know how this makes me feel?”  He assures me that He knows every thought that I think, every emotion I feel and I laugh at such a human question to such a infinite God.

The wrestling in my spirit stops and I tell Him I want Him to take me there - to uncomfortable.  I want to see Him work to watch Him perform His will through my life.  I ask Him to lead me and He assures me that His promises are just as true today as they were back when this man claimed them. 

The fear of uncomfortable is gone when I am immersed in His promises.   

 I have nothing to fear. 

“Do your work in me”…. I whisper; and in my heart my hands are raised in worship to a God who promises to meet every need.  I close by Bible and in my heart I am at rest – in Him.

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