He Leads Us Step by Step

It has been four weeks since Rob had his surgery; and he is recovering well.  There still are periods of extreme fatigue and weakness; but they occur after a full day of work or when he has physically expended a lot of energy.  This is all to be expected as his body is recovering and getting used to the thyroid medication he has started.  We are so thankful.

Through the course of this time we have prayed for many things.  One of them being that the Lord would give wisdom to Rob’s doctor.  This past week we have seen evidence that God is answering that prayer and we are so thankful.  I called the doctor to find out what our next course of action should be and if it was me who was supposed to schedule with the next doctor to get a date on the calendar for Rob’s radiation appointment.  (I thought the doctor had said that the new doctor’s office would call and get an appointment set up for us; but it had been two weeks since that appointment and we still had not heard anything – so I figured I would check in.) 

 The doctor told me when I called that I was on her list that day to call and that the reason for the delay had been from their end – I had understood correctly.  She then went on to explain that she had sent the referral and the orders to the new doctor on Tuesday.  However, after she had the orders sent she felt that she might be missing something and that she needed to get another second and third opinion in regards to Rob’s next course of treatment.  She told me that she was referring him to a team of Endocrinologists and would have them take a look at everything and together as a team they would take over Rob’s care.  She explained that Rob’s cancer is so rare and so seldom seen that she wanted to make sure there was not something that she was missing.  (Only 3% of all thyroid cancer is the type that Rob had.)  I breathed thanks to God; because to me it was obvious that He was at work in giving her wisdom.  She told me that she had canceled the orders to the radiologist and would have the new team of doctors get in touch with me by the following day.

Well, on Friday I got a call from Rob’s doctor’s office about the appointment.  The nurse told me that the team of doctors that they had wanted us to meet with did not accept our insurance.  I was a little disappointed at that information; but I heard the nurse perk up and tell me that she had “exciting news though!”  She went on to explain that there is an Endocrinologists Conference where lots of different Endocrinologists come in and meet for lecture and meetings along with radiologists and Nuclear Medicine doctors. The conference just “happens” to be on Tuesday and they have agreed to hear Rob’s case and make recommendations and establish a plan for his future treatments.  The nurse told me that this was an excellent opportunity and that if it was her husband with the cancer this was exactly what she would want to happen for his care! 

So, they meet on Tuesday and will develop a plan for treatment and follow up care for Rob.  The doctor told me that with the type of cancer he has we are looking at long term care and monitoring his cancer.  So, we are brought face to face with the fact that cancer will be part of our lives for a while; but also encouraged because it is obvious that God is going before us, opening doors that we did not even know existed and is giving us complete peace to trust Him as we go through the next several months.  God is so good!

So, if the Lord would prompt you to pray on Tuesday morning – we would appreciate it!  Pray that the doctors will have wisdom as they discuss and plan and that they would develop a treatment plan that will be exactly what the Lord would have for us.  We are so thankful that God gave us a doctor that is willing for input from others and is doing her best to make sure that she covers all of her bases.    We most of all are in awe with our God who cares about us and daily shows us that we are under His care and protection. 

Thanks for your prayers with us.  They have been an encouragement to us .



Anonymous said...

Praying for Rob's treatment plan. I well remember the agony of waiting for treatments to work for my husband's cancer. God does have it all in His perfect control.

carolynsucre@yahoo.com said...

Your letter brought me to tear this morning. All I know to say is that I love you guys so much and I will be praying. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. So very thankful for what God is doing on your behalf. Your sister in Christ in Bolivia, Carolyn