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“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”  Psalm 19:14

Photo:  Rachel Spurgeon

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart – so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)  We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”; but it is just as true, “You become what you think.”  Guarding our thought life is of utmost importance in our walk with Christ.

Because we live in a fallen world were sin abounds, there is plenty for us to think of that is not honoring to God.  We go through our lives every day and encounter people or life situations that can cause us to start thinking on things that will not bring glory to God.  There is plenty of negative things to think about on a daily basis.  We will walk through life and get hurt – it’s just how it works.  How I respond to hurt will determine if I become better or bitter.    Have you ever spent time with a person who is always negative?  Critical people turn into bitter people in time.  The Bible calls bitterness a root that springs up within us and hurts a lot of people. 

If we don’t want to get bitter, it is imperative that we guard our thought life.  There are so many good things to think about in life.  In fact, there are more good things to think about than there are bad!  The Bible says, “Where sin abounded – grace abounded MORE!”  

I know that I do not want to walk through life bitter.  I want my life to impact others for Christ and for the sake of the gospel.  Bitter people impact others; but it is never in a positive nature.   Bitterness is kept at bay when the thoughts that I have are acceptable to God.  The things I am dwelling on should be things that please the Lord.  Those who are bitter have established thought patterns where they are constantly reviewing past instances where they were hurt or where someone did them wrong.  Their lives become a mission of trying to get even with those whom they feel have hurt them.  Bitter people walk though life feeling like they are a victim. 

God has saved me from my sin, allowed me to be freed from the power of sin as I walk the Christian life and has given me the Holy Spirit and His power to live my life victoriously.  The Christian life is a life of Victory!  When our thoughts are centered on God and truth any situation we encounter in life can have a positive affect upon us.  Romans 8:28 give us assurance that we don't have to be a victim to the bad things we encounter in life.  Everything we encounter in life will result in our GOOD if we love God!  How positive is that?   

So what are some things that I can meditate upon in my heart that are acceptable to God in a world where I am often confronted with hurt or hurtful people?

1.  God is ALWAYS good.  

My God is a God of love.  He never does anything to me – always FOR my good.  I can trust that I serve a great God – even when I encounter difficulty.  Situations in life do not change the goodness of God.  God will ALWAYS love me and is always working for my good.  The Lord is MY shepherd… and He cares for me deeply.   From Him comes all I will ever need. 

Photo:  Rachel Spurgeon

2.  God Does Not Deal with Me in Anger

There are some who are quick to put a stamp on those going through difficult times as those who are under the wrath of God. God lovingly corrects His child; but He never deals with them in anger and wrath.  I can rest secure in the love of God and say with confidence that when trials come, God is walking beside me strengthening me through the trial – not judging me in anger and wrath. God allows trials to come and will use them in our lives to draw us closer to Him.  Never do I need to fear that God’s wrath and anger being poured out upon me.  I am His and He is mine.  Jesus Christ endured the wrath of God for me. What security this brings to me in times of difficulty.  Even in difficulty I never have to fear God's wrath - for He deals with me as His child and I am secure. 

3. Grace Abounds

One positive truth in the Bible is that Grace is always available.  Nothing that I have done is so bad that there is not grace available for that sin.  No situation I encounter as a Christian is too difficult that grace cannot be given.  I can always ask for grace and He gives more grace than I would ever need.  Mega Grace is available for me whenever I need it!  Experiencing God's grace to me enables me to show grace to others in their needs.  The bitter people that we come in contact with that seek to destroy us?  I can give them grace because God has given me grace.  The Holy Spirit will empower me with God's  love for difficult people.  I need only depend upon Him to do so. It's a miraculous work of God to encounter difficulties in life and to find more grace than I need to handle the situation.  Grace to love and forgive.  Grace to press on when strength fails and life is hard.  "He gives MORE grace...."  

4. He Blesses Me Abundantly Everyday

Psalm 68:19 says, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits…”  Every single day, no matter what bad I encounter in my day , God’s blessings are present.  If I look for them, I will find them.  One of the key things in working through depression is getting our minds to focus and think on all the good that we have been given from God.  The good things we have from God did not just happen on the day we got saved. Every single day He gives us blessings.  When I am dwelling on the blessings of God, negative thinking will stop and worshiping God will begin!  Have you counted your blessings today? 

5. All Will Be Made Right

Because we live in a fallen word there are injustices in this life.  Things happen in this life that we label, “Not fair!”  We have heard it said that, “Life is not fair”; and indeed that is correct.

Good people get cancer and die young.  That’s “not fair!”. 

Unborn babies, who have not choice in the matter, have selfish mothers who abuse drugs and alcohol while they are pregnant and pass onto their children neurological health defects that will forever handicap a child.  That’s “not fair!”. 

There are children growing up lonely and insecure because of parents that are not committed to their responsibilities as a parent.  That’s “not fair!” 

Photo:  Rachel Spurgeon

Someday all that is not fair in this life will be made right.  When going through a difficult trial that seems unfair, I can trust that someday it will all be made right.  Lies will be exposed and truth will be known.  Every knee will bow and all will surrender to God - the just ruler of all.  I can rest assured that it will happen.  Someday I will live in a perfect word – God will be there and I will worship Him and all will be right.  I look forward to that day.

These are truths I can meditate upon and rest in.  When I am focusing my thoughts on truth – the outcome will be a life of peace.  How sweet it is to pillow my head at night and know that there is nothing between me and God.  "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." (Isaiah 26:3)  What I think on is directly linked to how much peace I experience on a day to day basis.  When my mind is stayed on God - when I trust Him - I experience complete peace. 

We will become what we think.  Am I thinking truth and focusing on the beauty of the Christian life?  Or, am I choosing to allow my thoughts to be bitter and critical towards the difficulties I encounter in life?  It has been rightly said:  “Bitter people – hurt People”.  As for me, I want to build people.  My thoughts must be acceptable to God in order to have a positive influence upon those with whom I come in contact.  The words of my mouth, the meditation of my heart must be found acceptable to God in order to accomplish a life of edification of others. 

I trust you are guarding your thoughts.  Think truth.  Build lives.  Glorify God.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m so glad you did!


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