To My Daughter

Dear Abbey,

As I think about how fast these past nineteen years have gone – there is a bit of sadness that your growing up years went by so fast.  Seems like just yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital.  It seems like just yesterday I was picking out your nursery colors; how can it be that today I am planning out your graduation table?

Yet, as I look back, I see how much I have enjoyed being your Mom.  You have made my days so much brighter with your sense of humor (that is uniquely your own).  I remember back to the toddler days when you had to have your pacifier and would toddle around the house.  You were the one who made me eat my words so many times.  You were the child who did all the things I said my kids would never do. 

I remember your kindergarten days and watching you learn to read and write.  I remember watching your determination and drive and being amazed.  As you learned to form your cursive letters I was amazed at how neat your handwriting was.  I admired you when you finished all your books in Kids for Truth; and was amazed at how someone who could memorize that much scripture could struggle so much with Math. 

Even in kindergarten you would have rather talked about sports than school.  You would have rather watched a hockey game than wear a hair bow; and your basketball obsession was something even the neighbors could see was a passion.  You broke our mold on what a little girl should be like.  It was a mold that needed to be broken.  

Your clothing choices have never been lace and satin.  I have learned as a Mom how to shop for a sport’s jersey and now know athletic name brands like Under Armor and Adidas.  I have learned to shop for running shoes for you in stores that never interested me before.  I have been amazed at how detailed your brain is at remembering stats and knowing the in’s and out’s of every sports game in American athletics. 

You amaze me!

I have watched you listen to Packers games, and helped you figure out how to get the paint off your face when the game was done.  I have agreed to sports decals on the back windows of our cars, fronts of your notebooks and researched where we could purchase these things for several of your birthdays.  I have watched you set out to finish a 5K and had to catch my breath and wipe away a few tears as you crossed the finish line. 

Your zeal for life inspires me.

You compassion for others challenges me.  If you see a need that someone has – you do everything in your power to meet that need.  You are always quick to give someone the benefit of the doubt and genuine forgiveness is something that you practice regularly.  As you get older, guard these things!  Stay tender to the needs of others, give until you can’t give any more and forgive over and over again.  Stay sweet and kind and loving to others no matter what.  Unquestionably, these are some of the most beautiful qualities about you.

When you talk about God and the Bible it makes my heart so full.  I love to hear you work through your theology questions and talk about the messages you hear at church.  Follow after God with all of your heart.   
Never stop pursing after knowing Him better and deepening your relationship with Him. 

He is all you need. 
He loves you as you are and will never leave you. 
You never have to perform for Him to make Him love you more. 
He loves you as much as you need to be loved. 

He has a plan for your life.  He is unfolding it even now as you get up each morning and go through your days.  Trust Him through the day to day – and you will find yourself in the center of His will.

Yes, I do look back and wonder where the time has gone.  It has gone by so quickly; but I am so glad I got to go through it with you.  I am so glad that I get a front row seat in watching you grow into a young lady that loves the Lord and wants to follow after God.  I am so proud of you.  I love you with all of my heart, and I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to be your Mom.

Happy Birthday!


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