Birthday for Zak!

"First - Mommy's birthday and then my birthday!" I have heard this throughout most of the month. Well - his birthday finally arrived. Zak is 5 now! What a wonderful birthday celebration we had!

We sat down as a family to a home cooked meal of Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Sliced Tomatoes - (fresh from the garden). What a wonderful meal we shard together as a family. Sometimes, in the middle of the meal - I find myself sitting back and just listening as the children and Daddy interact together in playful conversation. It is those little moments that I realize that I am most blessed.

After the meal - the cake was brought out for the celebration. Rachel made this cake for this birthday and decorated it with sprinkles adorning the top of the frosting. The candles were placed on the cake - 5 of them all in a line. The birthday boy was excited beyond what words could say - but body motions spoke volumes! The candles lit - we waited for a moment until Zak broke out in song - "Happy Birthday..." then he paused as if to tell us that we needed to hurry up and sing him the song - (He DID have to wait ALL year long - through all the other birthday's to finally get to his special day!) The candles were blown out - by Zak (and just a little help from Daddy too).

The gifts were unwrapped before the cake was eaten - (to keep the presents from getting sticky) - What joy everyone had watching Zak unwrap his gifts. (Sometimes I think the kids get more fun in watching their siblings open up the gifts that were purchased from them - more than opening up the gifts purchased FOR them on their special day :) Cars, Trucks, Coloring books and a monkey names Tyler sat upon the table - having done their job in showing little Zak how special he is and how much he is loved by his family.

Cake was eaten by all; dishes done by the girls and the floors vacuumed by James. Zak could be found in the front room playing and having a wonderful time with his new toys.

What a wonderful birthday we had for a wonderful little boy. I can not believe that he is five! Where does the time go? I am thinking that we are in need of a baby in the house - I am hoping that God feels the same way too - soon?!
Hope you had a wonderful day.

"Happy Birthday, Zak - We love you!"


Mimi said...

what a wonderful birthday!!!

Anita said...

First of all, happy belated birthday for Zak! It really looks like you were all having a great time!

I am a bit late to comment on your S&T post, too. I already admired your ymnbooks on Friday morning but had no time to leave a comment as I had to hurry for work (when Kelli posts her S&T, it's 11 p.m. YOUR time and 6.00 a.m. on the next morning here in Germany....).
How blessed you are to have such wonderful treasures from your grandma!

Have a great Week-end!

Best wishes, Anita