Musical Memories

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This Friday I wanted to share a precious treasure to me. This past spring my Grandmother passed away. It was a blessing to know she was a Christian and went home to Heaven to be with the Lord. She had been in a lot of pain suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. I was so happy to know that her pain was ended; but miss her so much.

I was able to attend her funeral. It was a blessing to be able to play and sing for her funeral - as she had said many times she wanted me to to that for her. I was never sure I would be able to - but told her I would try. We sang many of her favorite hymns and I tried to play my best to make her proud. When I was preparing to come back home I was presented with something she wanted me to have - her hymnbooks. I was awestruck and blessed by the heirloom given to me that day.

When I arrived home I began going through them and playing the old hymns lining the pages of these old books. I noticed a different flavor to the hymnbooks of yesteryear and our modern hymn books. So many of the pages are filled with songs about Heaven. I have thought as I have held those books in my hands - that our grandparents and great grandparents of old held these song books in their hands as they suffered through the depression, famine, wars and family tragedy. It became clear to me that their focus and their stamina came about in part by the hymns that filled their worship on Sunday, their kitchens on Mondays and their children's lullabies at the close of the day - hymns of Heaven and the glorious life that awaited them after this life ended.

How I will treasure these books for years to come. I thankful I was to have them passed on to me. I stayed with my grandmother for quite awhile after my grandfather passed away in 1984. I would spend my days working in the garden with my grandmother, cleaning the house and the many duties that we had during the day; but at the close of the day - when the sun was setting and the evening dishes where done - we would pull out these old hymnbooks and sit together and sing our favorite hymns. In one of the books my grandmother had written the pages numbers of three of her favorites in that book - I was there when she wrote those pages - and seeing her handwriting again - made me feel close to her in my heart.

One of my favorite hymns is "Day by Day" :

Day by day and with each passing moment - strength I find to meet my trails here.

Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment - I've no cause for worry or for fear.

He whose heart is kind beyond all measure - gives unto each day what He deems best.

Lovingly it's part of pain and pleasure - mingled toil with peace and rest.

Thanks for stopping by this Friday. I would love to have you tell me your favorite hymn.
Talk with you next week,


Myrna said...

How lovely! I'm sure you will treasure those beautiful old books as they help you keep beautiful memories of your grandmother close to your heart. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

Connie said...

Just a wonderful treasure to have from your grandmother. They are in lovely shape too!

Take care,

Susie said...

Very touching. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Grandma. I know you'll think of her each time you see or use her hymnals.

Anonymous said...

You've brought back floods of memories! When I was a child grandmother sang ALL the time doing the dishes, washing, gardening, there was always a song in her heart. We sang so much together you and I and I miss our times and all the sweet wonderful times we had with your grandmother singing, laughing, and crying together. I know your love for music inadvertantly came from her she loved to hear you sing and play that piano REMEMBER? I love you sweetheart, thanks for this memory.
Love Mom

Joyfull said...

What beautiful and heritage filled hymn books. They must hold beautiful memories and bring comfort and joy to you.
My favorite hymn??? Wow, there are so many that I love and hold dear. Ones like Nothing But the Blood, Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus, All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name, All is Well. Oh, just wanted one right!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

LBP said...

What a lovely post! I am sitting here teary eyed. What a wonderful treasure that was given to you.

I'm sure you and your family will treasure these hymn books.

Thanks for sharing.


ellen b said...

What a wonderful heritage and blessing you have received. Great insight too on how much these old hymns put their hope in getting to our real home. I love Day by Day with it's simple harmony. Thank you for sharing these treasures...

JoyFULLWifeMom said...

What a treasure. So sweet!


Penless Thoughts said...

Wondeerful, precious Show & Tell!!!

nannykim said...

what an awesome gift--not only the books, but all of the memories. Some of my favorite hymns are --Wonderous King all Glorious, O the deep deep love of Jesus, O Sacred Head now Wounded, What wonderous love is this, Lift High the Cross, Morning has broken, Come ye sinners poor and wretched, I am the Bread of Life, well I better stop!!

Jean said...

What a wonderful post and what a great treasure you have been given!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

What a wonderful treasure! "Day By Day" is one of my favorite hymns. There is something about the old, old hymns -- such depth to them. One church we were in had the Inspiring Hymns book!

And besides being so neat in themselves, the fact that they were passed to you from your grandmother, and the memories, and even a bit of her handwriting, makes them all the more special.

Mimi said...

what memories those old hymn books bring... I have one that was used by my parents many years ago... it had the triangle notes...and you are right about so many of the songs being about heaven...
and seeing her hand writing in the book always will bring special thoughts of friend received his grandmothers rocking chair... and he sits in that chair to read his bible ... he says that he always feels soooo very close to her while studying his bible!!!

JanaBanana said...

What a lovely gift for sure :) Something you will cherish forever.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What special treasures! Your photos of them with the lovely red roses and lace are just beautiful!


Shelli Hawkins said...

Hi "Jane"

Got an email from my sis today at work and she told me to check out your blog.

Love this post. It brought tears to my eyes. I collect old hymnals but I have none quite like these.

Jane you are a wonderful, wonderful Godly woman and example to me and all the ladies of our church.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

PS - LOVE the Josh Groban song.
I am in Eagle River with my momma and daddy this weekend. See you on Wednesday when I return.

Love you,

Kelli said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma, Jane. I'm so glad that you have her special hymn book, it's a beautiful treasure and reminder of your wonderful times together.

My favorite hymn has always been The Old Rugged Cross. I also love This is My Father's World and Amazing Grace. :0)


Momma Roar said...

What a lovely, lovely treasure to have!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

I just love old hymn books and our family has several. It is fun to look through them and pick out songs to sing. My DH is the song leader at our church so we enjoy music very much around here.

Thanks for sharing your grandmother's books with us.

Sharon said...

How precious to have your grandmother's hymn books. They are wonderful! I was raised in a church that sang all the oldies and they comfort me so much! I love the new modern worship songs, but there is something so special about the old ones. I love your blog and will check it often!

Blessings ~ Sharon

Kristy Jo said...

How lovely thanks for sharing those with us! what a wonderful keepsake!