A Wonderful Week

Our week is finally finishing up. What a week we have had! Praise the Lord it all got done - and we are ready to start a new week ahead of us.

Friday I stayed pretty close to home and tried my best to get things back up and running from me being sick. It did seem that no matter how hard I tried to get things back in order - I just could not quite get it all done. I kinda felt like I was spinning my wheels. After I tucked the kids into bed for the night - I was able to get quite proficient at my work and in no time at all - the house was straightened - autumn scented candle was glowing and two pumpkin pies were cooling on the counter top. I propped my feet up and finished reading the new Beverly Lewis book that I received for my birthday from the kids. (It was a good read and I truly enjoyed every page!).

I got up early this morning to get two of my kiddos off to a Jr Retreat. They were all excited and thrilled about going. I hope they are having a good time today! They will be back this evening - Lord willing. I then showered and headed off the the church to prepare for a men's conference our church was hosting. I was able to serve up lunch to about 40 men - and did no get frazzled at all. Everything went really smooth! Praise the Lord for his strength - I really had a good time today being at the church and getting everything ready. I think that the conference went well.

Our week is wrapping up. My Hubie is out on the ladder washing off the south side of the house to prepare it for painting this week. My youngest is sitting in a chair not too far from Dad asking when he can spray the house and my oldest is also helping Daddy with whatever he needs for her to do. Never a dull moment. From the looks of things - I will be giving early baths tonight!

We have company coming over for dinner tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. I thought I would include the menu for out lunch tomorrow. Hopefully the food will be good and I know the fellowship will be great. It is such a blessing to be able to be in the ministry and open our home to so many guests. When I think about the men and women that my children have been able to meet and talk with - I am amazed. What a privilege God has given to me and my family.

I will close for now and get the leftover lasagna out and some hungry mouths fed. Soon they will be all bedded down for the night - and I will make preparations for Sunday morning - always busy.

Sunday Afternoon Menu
Oven Roasted ChickenBaked Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli
Tossed Salad
Dinner Rolls
Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Topping
Sweet Tea / Coffee and Diet Coke :)

(Perhaps I will include pics from tomorrow's lunch - if I remember to take them!)

Hope you had a great week. I will talk with you next week.


Susan said...

Sounds like a busy but productive week! I love weeks like that, when you barely have time to turn around, but you know you're busy with things that matter. Your lunch sounds good for tomorrow; I'd love to see pics if you get to take some!

Mimi said...

Glad you are feeling better and able to accomplish your plans...'
Have a great time with your luncheon today... and post pictures...
Have a blessed day today!!

Mimi said...

I forgot to tell you... I read all of Beverly Lewis too!!