Family Engineers

My Zak is visiting Nana and Papa this week - so these pictures were taken sometime this past week. I was loading them onto the computer and thought I would show you what my boys and Daddy do while the girls and I are away. They had a wonderful time with their towers!

One problem - the next day Zak tried to build one while Daddy was at the church - his little hands could not place the blocks on without knocking the tower over. He got so frustrated - I had to put the blocks away and pull out another toy for him to play with.

Hope you are having a good weekend. I am enjoying snow - and planning on taking pics tomorrow. I am loving it!!

Thanks for stopping by. Good night.

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nannykim said...

I love your tree and I envy you the snow!! My oldest son lives in Redmond ,WA near Seattle and He sent us pictures Saturday of the snow and snowman he made (he is in his 20's) and it made me miss snow so much. I love the envigoration and the smell of a new snowfall--also the quietness.