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I had wanted to share this show and tell Friday last week; but I was out of town for a doctors appointment. So, for this Friday's show and tell I wanted to share with you one of my Christmas trees. (Yes, I have more than one - I actually have 5 trees total throughout the house - my husband is still in disbelief).

This Christmas tree we call our "Ally Tree" in memory of our daughter Allyssa. The tree holds ornaments that we have purchased in memory of her; or that others have given us in memory of her.

This was her first Christmas ornament. She was no longer with us for her first Christmas; but spent her first Christmas in Heaven.

These two ornaments were gifts. Each given to us in memory of her. (Notice the angel wings - I do not believe that she was an angel - but it is a reminder that she is listening to them sing and praise the Lord each Christmas we are apart).

This is one of my favorites. I purchased this one days after she died. I had the lady put her name on the heart. On the back of the heart it says - "Love Mom and Dad".

The tree topper is a plaque given to us in memory of her. It seemed a perfect place to put such a gift. I have the tree sitting in the dinning room in the middle of the picture window. During the holiday season the tree stays lit all the time. Along side of her tree is a picture of Ally when she was 3 months old. On the other side of the tree is a plaque given to us that says, "Trust me, I have everything under control. - Jesus" And so He does. Our lives are perfectly fashioned in His hand - lovingly laid out. The good times and the bad. All to bring us to a closer picture of Christ.

I am so thankful for the ability to remember. I am also so thankful for the faith to look ahead with assurance and know that she is waiting for me in Heaven. Someday we will be reunited. Until then, I will be thankful for the time we had with her - and remember.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks for walking down this memory road with me. I am so glad you came! I trust you have a wonderful Christmas this next week. Merry Christmas!

May God Bless you one and all - and in Him I pray you find HOPE,



Hootin' Anni said...

This makes me bawl!! How wonderful and oh so touching. You did a good job...what a memorial.

My show n tell has been shared, won't you drop by if you can to visit?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to remember your daughter Ally. Thank you for sharing her.

ellen b. said...

What a sweet tribute to your Ally. God bless you and yours this Christmas.

Daughter of the King said...

Beautiful Jane....

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

What a sweet way to remember your little one. I love the plaque about Jesus having everything under control.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, Jane, that is the sweetest tribute. How wonderful to remember her each year this way. I love your attitude and the Christian witness you have, which is a tribute to the Lord and how He will sustain us if we turn to Him. He has everything under control! I just can't even imagine going through something like that without Him, or even with Him!


Christian love,


Kathy b said...

I love the way you have keep her memory alive. Bless you.

Mary said...

A very heart touching and powerful post. Like Anni, I teared up at the wonderful tribute you pay each year to Alyssa. The tree is beautiful and so are all of the lovely ornaments.

Thanks so much for sharing this very special tree. I know that one day you and Alyssa will be reunited and live eternally in the joy of heaven.

Merry Christmas and may the Light of Christmas shine in both your heart and your home.

Love and blessings,

HsKubes said...

What a beautiful way to include her. What a lovely tree with precious reminders. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Praying for you during this season.

~ Christina

Becky K. said...

Simply lovely!

Thanks for sharing.

Becky K.

Betty said...

Wasn't God so wise when He gave us the ability to make memories and then be able to take them out and relive time and time again.....What a wonderful tribute to Ally and her sweet memory.

My great nephew died at birth and at the funeral the minister commented that some of the sweetest flowers are the rose buds that never open....that has stuck with me for 30 years or more.....

Wishing Christmas blessings for you and those you hold dear...

I appreciate you visiting me and hope you will come again...Betty

Sharon said...

How beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Allyssa. Isn't it neat to know she is safe in heaven and you will be able to see her again! I don't know how we could live without that hope.

Merry Christmas! Sharon

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a VERY special tree!!!!

6packB said...

I like this. Have to remember it for others in similar situations. Send me an email with yours so I can contact you that way. I'd love to catch up! Or find me on facebook!
Have a blessed Christmas! Anna

6packB said...

I love this. I need to remember this for others in similar situations. I would love to hear from you and catch up. Email me at if you get the chance. Have a blessed Christmas!

Laura said...

Jane, I read the memorial you posted earlier as well and the tears would not stop flowing. I can't imagine the pain and am always amazed how God brings anyone through such tragedy. Thank you for your testimony.

And Merry Christmas to yours as well.

Jane said...

What an awesome God we have! Thanks for commenting Laura.


Suzy said...

What a wonderful memory of your daughter!
Thank you for stopping by my blog.I'll be back and I hope you'll visit often!