We have been so busy here. So much to do. We plan to put the house up for sale this next week. (We had planned to do so this week - but we all have been battling some sickness) With the prospect of open houses and interested buyers we have gone into cleaning and packing modes.

There are items to pack away that we do not use on a normal basis.

There are winter clothes to get put into boxes. (May I add to this - now that they are all in their boxes - the weather forecast is calling for a high of 39 degrees on Sunday - go figure! :)

Door jams to paint up the nicked areas - and shelves to be polished and dusted.

Children to be lectured about the need to put everything away as SOON as you are done with it. Trying to train them to have the house presentable within 30 minutes for unexpected showings.

So much to do. We will be busy this weekend. Rob has a few days off as the church gets to know the Pastoral candidate that will be here for the next few days. Sunday we will visit our "new" church and try to get acquainted with people there and make plans for our move there.

A lot to do - too busy to think - and perhaps it is better that way.

Blessings to you my friends,



Simply Heart And Home said...


I hope everyone feels better soon. May God guide just the right buyers to your lovely home.



Daughter of the King said...

whew...you are going to be one busy lady and FAMILY....
Praying the Lord will provide the perfect family for your house.