Today's Autism Tip - Friday April 4, 2008

Today's Autism Tip
Friday, April 4, 2008
4. Plan and prioritize for quality time with the other children in you home.

Special needs children require a lot of our time and efforts; but it is not healthy for them or for the other children in the family for us to spend all our time with one focus. By making sure that we have time for the others lends to a happier home life.

Zak requires a lot of attention; and we gladly give it to him - collectively as a family. However, we have set aside one night a week where the other children get to stay up late and spend time with Mom and Dad after Zak has gone to bed. (Zak goes right to sleep with the medication he is on - so he knows no different). This way we are able to spend time with them doing older kids 'things. (Playing Rook, reading together, or playing a computer game together) . This has been wonderful for all of us. The kids enjoy the time with Mom and Dad - and we enjoy quality time where we are able to focus on them without being 'on call' with Zak.

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Anonymous said...

I worry I do not give my autie enough attention so I give him attention.Then I worry I am not giving my aspie enough attention so I give him attention lol.I guess Im cleared lol!But yes I am always worried and making sure I give as much of my self to both as I am able.Very good tip!

Holding It Together said...

This is a great idea! We just have one child, but I hear so many parents talking about this issue.