Family Flicks For Fun

I thought I would share a church activity that most of our family was able to participate in recently. The activity was a picture scavenger hunt - where each family was given a list of things they had to take a picture of within the community. Now, this is the part of the story where I am feeling rather old because, the last time I participated in a picture scavenger hunt it was with a Polaroid camera - - (You remember those - the one's that if your dropped them you broke your foot - and the kind where you watched yourself evolve on the print as you shook it in the wind violently).

I thought I would share a few picture of the activity. You will notice that Rachel and I were not in the photo's - because she was home sick and I was taking care of her - (I may add, that the people in these photo's where having a better time than the two of us!!) Enjoy:
(Under the local 'Family Dollar' Sign)
(At the local Arby's drive though - saying: "I'm thinking Arbys')

(In front of somewhere with their finger's in their noses - (Abbey thinks this is embarrassing!)

(By some water - acting like they are fish)

(In front of the local library - saying "shhh" - Zak got a little confused with this one and the nose one - oh well....)

After the pictures were all taken. The gang headed back to the church where they made cookie images of themselves. I thought they looked pretty good - (Dad is the first - the Abbey - then James - Zak opted to make a cookie pizza - although the image seems fitting of our active five year old - almost a perfect match for him!!)

I am so glad that we can have fun as a family. Even if some of us are not there. These are the things of which memories are made. Trust you are enjoying the blessings that God has given you. There here for us just a little while to mold and shape - for His honor.





I enjoyed your family fun. I loved the cookies and the pizza that they made. I agree the finger in the nose might have been a little hard on my shy soul but your daughter did great. Thanks, connie from Texas

I remember the poloroid as well as some of the first box style kodac cameras. I still have one that my Mom took pictures of all us nine kids with. Family fun is the only kind of fun to have. If your children give you their hearts, you will never lose them. Connie from Texas

A Note From Theresa said...

That looked liked fun. But sorry all of you was not able to be out and about.

Daughter of the King said...

Oh that looks like a great time of fun and memories.
Hope Rachel is doing better.

Elizabeth said...

We took the youth on an activity like this a while back and we had so much fun. We ended up doing it as a video scavenger hunt. Each team had a camcorder. We got back to the church everyone got to watch. We really should do it again soon.

Becky K. said...

How fun! It is good to see them enjoying being with their Daddy.
Becky K.