Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I remember my first mother's day fourteen years ago. I can not even put into words the feelings in my heart that day. I was so happy to finally be a Mother!

I also can not explain the emotion I felt towards my own Mother on that day. Realizing for the first time just how much sacrifice being a Mother required. I saw my Mother different that first Mother's Day. The view of her changed from that of "my Mom" - to more that of a special person having my respect. I suddenly realized that it was possible to hold a tiny little baby in your arms and feel within you more love than you ever had felt before. I understood that first Mother's day the weight of responsibility that came with that title - Mother.

Through the years I have come to understand my Mom more and more. Not by getting to know her more - but by getting to know me. I understand what it is like as a Mom to have dreams and plans for your children. I understand the feeling of responsibility that at times is overwhelming. I understand what it is like to make mistakes and wish you could go back and do a day over; but having to pick up and go on despite the shortcomings. I understand now how much it hurts to say 'no' to your child when you so desperately want to say 'yes'. I understand the fears that come with being a Mom - when you know that soon they will choose their own path - and you hope and pray that it is a path that will not cause heartache or distress. I understand now that being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs of all.

By being a Mom - I understand the sacrifice that has been made for me; and it is with utmost gratitude that I say to my Mom -

"Thank You - for everything. Happy Mother's Day. I love you."


Kelli said...

What a lovely post, Martie! Happy Mother's Day to you!


A very beautiful post that speaks the thoughts that I know I feel. Thank you for saying them in a way that was so touching. connie from Texas

Simply Heart And Home said...


What a lovely remembrance. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Mother's Day1

Sharon said...

A beautiful post, Martie!

I'm late, but I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!


A Note From Theresa said...

That was really sweet. I hope your mothers day went well.

Muum said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you with your new daughter, and say Amen! to your thoughts about your mother (I saw mine in a new way when my first came, too! and she took care of me for two weeks while I recovered from the birth..

Maggie Ann said...

A very special post, that we all can identify with. I love that picture in your post...in fact, a copy of it hangs on our living room wall.