Life with the Newest Addition

I am still among the living here - although quite a bit busier than I am used to. All the added work is such a blessing; for our little one is here - adjusting and bonding to us as a family. There are more snuggle times, more kisses, and a bit more laundry.

I can not tell you how blessed I feel to have our little girl here with us at last. We have to wait for six months for the adoption date to be finalized; but we are settling in to being a family of 7 quite nicely.

I have put our youngest on a schedule and I am finding it to help out a lot! We have time in for each of the older kids to have play time and cuddle time with their new sister. I am still assuming all of the role of feeding and changing - thus helping her with the bonding time with Mommy. Daddy did get in on an early morning feeding time - and Mommy was not in the least disappointed!!

Mother's Day was the happiest I have ever had! It had a bitter sweet note to it though, as a family in our church just said their goodbyes to their daughter two days before the holiday. While my heart was filled with joy and happiness over our newest - their hearts were breaking over their empty arms. It brought back a lot of memories for me of that first Mother's day without our Ally. Life has a way of putting things in perspective for us! Saturday, we will have the memorial service for this little one. My heart goes out to them - for we have been there before and I know the intense pain the death of a child brings.

Well, there is a hungry baby calling for me - I best be getting to her.


Maggie Ann said...

Congratulations on your new little one. And, on your blog honors from Connie. I'm here to visit tonight and enjoy your blog a while. Wishing you every blessing, in Him, Maggie Ann


Dear Martie, what a sweet call, that of a baby. I am so sorry about the loss of the one in your church family. We are told to "rejoice with them that do rejoice ,and weep with them that weep." I know that you will be a geat comfort to them if needed, knowing what their heart is feeling. God bless you and may the six months pass quickly. connie from Texas

Susan said...

I've been thinking of you this week, getting to know your new little one. I'm so sorry to hear of the little one lost in your church family. I have never experienced that, but I can imagine the pain must be horrible. May God give you and your husband the strength to help this hurting family!

Daughter of the King said...

You have been on my mind so much this week...oh doesn't that clothes line look wonderful with those precious little clothes.
Just so happy to be part of your joy as we read your blog.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your precious blessing has been a blessing for many of us. I will say a prayer for your friends who lost their child. My heart goes out to them.

Have a lovely weekend and week. I'm afraid I won't be able to comment while away but I plan on posting!


Becky K. said...

I have checked in often just thrilled to think of your family spending time getting to know one another. I am so happy for you.

You are in a unique position to truly understand the grief of the family in your church as they suffer the loss. Perhaps, in time, they will see you are also an inspiration that happy times can come again.

Blessings on your family and thanks for taking the time to stop by Hospitality Lane. I am feeling remarkably well for all I have been through today. Maybe the fact that I have been in pain most of the time since January makes this seem easy. Perspective!

Becky K.

Mimi said...

The Lord has put you in a very special that can know the joy of a new little one...and one that can share in the sorrow of one who has lost their darling one...
you are one who can truly understand their loss having gone through it yourself...
praying for you as you minister to the heartbroken family..and praying for them as the come to grips with this loss...

Jennifer said...

This is my first time to your blog and very much enjoyed reading it!! Congrats on the new little one!! God Bless