Teen Award Banquet

Last Friday night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner together as a family. Rachel was our honored guest as we were at the annual Proteen banquet hosted by the church.

We enjoyed a delicious meal catered in by, (drum roll please...) , the assistant pastor's wife. She did an absolutely beautiful job creating, cooking and serving the banquet meal. Here was our menu:

Italian Marinated Chicken Breast

Baked Potato w/ Sour Cream

Green Bean Casserole

Soft Homemade Dinner Rolls

Cherry or Pumpkin Pie

We are blessed to have an assistant pastor and his wife who work with our teenagers. They have been a blessing to us this past year. We have a couple who is dedicated to helping our young people take the next steps spiritually in their Christian walk with the Lord. It has been a blessing to me to watch as Rachel has learned and grown spiritually in the teen group this year. How blessed we are to have a program that encourages and promotes family involvement in the teen activities of the church. Our assistant pastor and his wife have truly come along side and enhanced what we are trying to teach our daughter - it has been a blessing.

The dinner followed with an award ceremony for the teens and their hard work this past year. Rachel and another one of the teen girls had been working hard at their scripture memory passages. It was neat to see them both tie for first place and share the award together.

My husband preached the banquet message and it brought a tear to my eye to think that six years ago - we came to Calvary as an assistant pastor - teaching and preaching to the teens here - now years later - at the close of our ministry here - my husband is preaching and challenging the teens (who were just little kids when we came) one more time to pick up the torch and stand firm for the cause of Christ. How needy we are that the next generation gets a vision for the Spiritual battle at hand.

It was a wonderful night - thanks Pastor Bret and Mrs. Katie for all the hard work; not just that night but throughout the entire year. We are forever grateful.



Nora Lee said...

How wonderful! It is so important for kids especially in their teenage years to feel apart of the church and have a firm grounding there. The banquet looks beautiful.

Abbey said...


i had a fun time at the banquet. I liked that picture of me,


Sharon said...

That sounds like a wonderful assistant you have there. It is nice to know that what is being taught to the children are important things they should know in their walk with Christ. Leading them in the right direction. :)

Mimi said...

what a wonderful banquet for the teens to enjoy and be rewarded for their hard work...I think the award ceremony was a great idea...
and I liked the picture of Abbey too!!

Becky K. said...

I am so glad that your church is supportive of family involvement in the teen work. So many churches now have excluded the parents and siblings in an attempt to make it "special". We found this to be detrimental.

You must be going through a crazy amount of emotions at this time...as you move on.

That dinner looks fun.

Becky K.


What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing the good time and your thankfulness for what God has done in your lives. It has blessed me. connie from Texas

Simply Heart And Home said...

What a wonderful evening for the teens and everyone else too! The dinner sounds delicious and the message uplifting.