For His Glory

We are nearing the end. The house is almost all packed. We should be finished up tomorrow. We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons cleaning the old place for the last time; as we get it ready for the new owners.
This Sunday was the last Sunday we will drive 2 hours to get to church. We are looking forward to not having to leave for church at 6 in the morning; and even more excited that we will be arriving home long before 11 PM at night! This is the last week!

We are tired. We seem to all want to blink our eyes and open them again to find we are into next week and the move is over and done. (We even tried tonight; but alas,when we opened them we were still here with boxes surrounding us!)

This is the last week. We have decided as a family that we are going to do our best to make sure our attitudes and actions bring honor and glory to the Lord. It would be so easy to let our flesh make this last week discouraging and bad. So easy for our attitudes to grumble and complain. To walk around defeated and depressed because we are so ready to be moved. Yet, as Christians, our lives have a bigger purpose than packing boxes and cleaning houses - our lives are to honor the Lord. The wonderful part about the Christian life is that it has purpose. No matter how hard the task before us, how meaningless and mundane the task we have to do; we can bring honor and glory to God through the hard things.

Extra care has been given to allot enough time for Bible reading and prayer. For Christ must be our focus - this is the last week! His strength will get us to next week victorious. Not just in the move; but in the heart attitudes we had with each other through the move.

This week is our last week here in this house, in this city to bring honor to God. May He, at the end of this week look down on us as we lay in our beds tired from unloading and unpacking a moving truck say, "Well, done thou good and faithful servants..."

"That we may be to the praise of His glory..." -Eph 1:12

Trust your week - your actions - your activities, whatever they may be - bring honor to God. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



Susan said...

It's amazing that one of the first things we let slip is our time with the Lord when things get busy. Sounds like you all have prepared for that! Happy moving!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

This was such a sweet post from beginning to end! I especially like when you acknowledge that your family "decided" to bring honor to God.

Oftentimes bringing glory to God is a decision we must commit too, isn't it? If we just relied on the natural consequence of our circumstances to be glorifying to Him, we'd be in trouble--especially when it involves packing and moving!

I'll be praying at every remembrance; and I'm praying right now that the LORD will remind me often.

Sharon said...

Praying your move goes smoothly with happy faces! :)

~~Deby said...

Great post and REMINDER Martie..blessings on your move and on your family...