Burdens and Blessings

Our first meeting went very well. Sorry that there have not been updates; but our computer had some 'issues' and we were finally able to resolve them this morning.

Seems like life is just running full speed ahead - and crashing into things in the process! There were some unexpected 'things' in the move - as there are in every move! We are slowly; but surely getting boxes unpacked, pictures hung and the kitchen organized into working condition. The washing machine is working and the dryer finally is hooked up. I am surrounded by laundry piles and trying to get caught up with that - (it feels like a loosing battle!)

Our little one has been sick for this past week. I took her in yesterday afternoon - (I spent the morning on the phone trying to locate a doctor within reasonable driving distance!). She was diagnosed with Rotavirus - need I say more. Life has been more than interesting. I was able to get a load of diapers hung this afternoon; but alas, it looks like rain. (nothing brings rain faster than a newly hung load of laundry!)

I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed and with a distinct feeling that I do not care to EVER move again. I do not know if things could get much worse; but I am assured that if they can - I will soon find out.

In spite of everything, I find that God is good and it is nice to sit down after unloading boxes and think about the blessings I have in my life. Even through difficult times - there still are more blessings that I can count. I am purposing to focus on the blessings and try to find my new life here on box at a time.

Counting my Blessings,!


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Jendi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the rotavirus. We have struggled with that many times. It's a nasty virus.

Praying for her and you.