Lite Lunch

Lunch boxes seem to be a bit of a difficulty for my children to remember to bring home from school. Reminders have been given along with a paper lunch sack that fills the void of the missing boxes. However, reminders have not been working.

The mornings are busy with me assembling lunches while the kids get around for their days. It is always a bit of an annoyance when I go to the mudroom to retrieve the boxes - and alas, the shelves are empty.

Christmas break was filled with planning and talking. Talking about what things we needed to change and planning for the ways to make those changes truly happen. The lunch box issue came up during those talks.

It was decided that if lunch boxes were not returned home after school, the next days lunch would not be sent. All understood the plan for making the lunch box issue a closed subject. All planned on bringing their lunch boxes home EVERYDAY after school.

Well... old habits die hard. Two out of the three will be 'watching' during lunch time rather than 'eating' during that time.

Boy, it is hard being a Mom sometimes!!

I plan on having dinner ready right when they are all due home. Somehow, I think we might be eating a bit early this evening.


Mimi said...

the best made plans seem to fail many times!! LOL

Becky K. said...

Awww...This might just be the last time those boxes are forgotten!

Becky K.

Martie said...

They were all there and accounted for when they came home from school. I think this might have just solved the problem. Hard thing to do though as a Mom!!

Walking by Faith said...

LOL! Too cute!