Ordering our Homes - Cleaning Supplies

The key to organizing is to think according to grouping. When setting out to organize any room or place in your home, group together items that are used together. Make a concentrated effort to have everything you need to complete a certain task placed together so no extra steps are needed to gather items you will need.

I have used this principle in regards to almost every area of my home. Today I wanted to share with you how organizing my storage shelves used for my cleaning supplies has helped me. I have been so pleased with home much this has simplified my cleaning routines.

In order to group together products need for the different cleaning tasks I have to do; I have assembled various 'kits'. Each 'kit' contains the items needed for that particular cleaning zone.

Having these kits has allowed me the luxury of pulling out the kit, going to the room needing to be cleaned, and having at my fingertips all I need to get the job done.

Because the majority of my cleaning products are homemade; I have not needed to purchase lots duplicate cleaning bottles; but rather purchasing (or better yet, recycling) empty bottles for each kit. Then as needed, I make up that particular cleaning supply when the certain bottles run low. (I will be posting recipes for homemade cleaning supplies soon!)

Here is a list of the different kids and the content of each kit:

(this is for all rooms that are just 'lived' in: front room, office, bedrooms etc)
*Homemade Window Cleaner
*Furniture Polish (I had several cans of Pledge given to me - so I have not yet tried the homemade version
of this product)
* Homemade All Purpose Cleaner
*Carpet Fresh (I know that this is not a necessity; but I do enjoy occasionally sprinkling on the carpet for an
extra fresh smell!)

*Homemade Cleanser
*Homemade Window Cleaner
*A toothbrush (for those hard to reach areas)
*Homemade All Purpose Cleaner
( I keep a small bottle of ammonia on the shelves in the storage area and use that for the days I need to mop the bathroom - I do not carry it in the kit... as I do not need it every time.)

(I have this kit under my sink for easier access)
*Homemade Sink Cleanser
*All Purpose Cleaner
*A Toothbrush (for those hard to reach areas)
*Mrs Myers Counter top spray (received as a gift ... I LOVE this stuff)

I have a shelf designated for rags. I always grab the amount of rags I need for the job and hand- grab my kit and head off toe clean.

This has helped so much in the organization, as well as the ease of keeping my house clean. Join me next post as I share some recipes for cleaning products that do not only do the job - - but (I have found) do it better than the commercial brand I was using!!


Susan said...

Are you planning to do a post on how you order your day while the children are at school? I'd be interested in that!

I'm loving these posts about homemaking, organizing, and time management.

Martie said...

Hi Susan,

I am glad you are enjoying your visits here. I am enjoying doing the series. Yes, I will include my schedule - which has greatly changed - now that the kids are in school. In a lot of ways, I feel like a young mother with little ones right under my feet. It is funny having the little ones around without the help of the older ones!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Susan said...

I'm at the stage of life where my children are grown (2 in college and 1 almost 17 - they all take care of themselves now), so I'm finding that I can do a LOT of things, but there are so many that need to be done in addition to the things I want to do, that a lot of times I just coast through my days rather than get busy getting all those things done. I'm looking forward to what you have to say! :)