Update on Rachel Thursday 8/12

(Rachel - Aug 2009)

It has been quite a week for us here. Rachel was taken back to the emergency room last Friday. She was in for her follow up appointment with her pediatrician and the doctor told us she needed to go back to the hospital.

We headed back to Children's for the day. They put in IVs and started trying to get her headache to subside. They were not successful. After several hours there they decided to send her home with more medications.

The doctor's have become frustrated at not being able to come to the bottom of all this and it has not been the easiest thing dealing with them. I have tried to contemplate how to write about this here on the blog - (thus, the delay in posting). I want to remain as edifying as I can about the care she has received by the medical doctors. I will leave it at: it became clear to us on Friday night by some comments the doctor's made that the medical system does not have the answers we need to get Rachel better. We are seeking and praying about alternative treatments.

Rachel has been in a lot of pain; and since July 13 she has lost over 20 pounds. After we went home on Friday with the pain medication she took a nose dive. We think that all the pain mediation they had her on caused her body to become toxic. It appears that she suffered from Serotonin syndrome based what happened with her throughout the weekend. We had to take her off of all pain medication because the effects on her body were unbearable. (She suffered such horrible muscle spasms that she fell out of bed one night.)

We are doing our best to get nutrition down her. She is suffering such nausea that it has been hard to get something to stay down. She has thrown up - or should we say heaved for hours on end. She was doing better yesterday. She was up walking, reading, did her hair and overall we had a very good day. We have started her on some nutritional treatment. Yesterday it appeared that it had really helped her. However, in the evening she went downhill. She started aching, having trouble walking again, trouble reading and this morning woke up feeling worse than she ever has. The headaches and neck pain have been horrible. She again has endured hours of throwing up. We are believing that this 'setback' is actually a sign that her body is trying to get rid of what is making her sick.

It is hard to watch her suffer so. I wish I could take the pain away - or do something to make it better for her. We have been able to locate a naturopathic doctor in North Dakota that will get her in on Wed. We are praying that we find some answers and that she is strong enough to make the trip next week. We also are praying that we are able to get some fluids down her here today. It has been next to impossible.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. We have been overwhelmed with the compassion of God's people.



Rebecca said...

Still praying. Let us know what we can do to help.
Rebecca F.

Susan said...

Praying for you all! I still just can't imagine what she is going through, nor you as her mother. Praying for God's grace and strength, and that the new doctor can help.

Persuaded said...

Oh Martie... how dreadful... I'm so sorry to hear all that Rachel is going through. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers♥

Please keep us updated as you are able.

~~Deby said...

I have been praying and I am thankful for all your updates...I have little confidence left in western meds...after my bout with torn tendons due to a antiobiotic...well I too go to a naturopath. My insurance does not cover one penny of it or any of the supplements. I am going to have to go my regular doctor soon and I dread it. She is not going to be happy with me ( Oh well !!!)...but I think I have a torn rotator cuff, guess what it can be caused by the antibiotics given to me 1 1/2 years ago, but they won't admit, also my care is government (retired military)..I believe in good naturopathic care and diet as well..not doing as good as I hoped, it is baby steps. Keep doing your research...the first thing I would do now, is NOTHING with MSG...and believe me msg has many hidden names to include "flavorings"...so whatever she can keep down, make it so basic and organic if possible. I know a missionaries daughter who was told there is nothing more we can do, you need to see a naturopath. Last I heard, the little girl was living on brown rice, broccoli and cauliflower, don't know the details but do have a phone number if you need it. Press on...the Lord is still in control and I know western meds etcs...are there for a reason but do not believe they are the best anymore...I am a skeptic...