Learning the Language

Zak is an imitator of sound.  He can hear a sound and make the sound all over again with only his mouth and vocal chords.  There has been more than one time when I have reprimanded him for belching only to find that he was just pretending with that hideous noise.
Well, Zak likes to play outside and the cows seem to be fixated on him when he is out.  I am almost certain that they perceive him as some sort of threat ( I have told them that I understand that feeling; but while he is fast and impulsive - he is almost completely harmless!)  When Zak was out I was amazed at how much mooing was going on in the yard.  Then I realized it was not just the cows it was Zak himself.  He sounded just like a cow.  They seemed to answer him back and we had quite the conversation going! 
After a bit of chit chat back and forth Rachel asked Zak to make a dinosaur sound.  He did.  The cows just stood in awe and looked at him.  He looked at Rachel and said, “I have to just do the cow sounds, otherwise they don’t understand my language!”
We laughed – their silence seemed to prove him correct.  I am thankful to have a multi-animal linguist.  Some talents are hidden till a child is put in a climate where he is allowed to thrive – or in this case – moo.
Zak never keeps me with a straight face for too long.
Thanks for stopping by – I am so glad you did.

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