The Neighbors

I love our neighbors.  I have never been around cattle much.  Oh sure, I have seen them from my car window as we pass through the country going 70 miles an hour; but up close – well, this is a first for me.

The cows in the field are my nearest neighbors; and I must say I am quite taken by them.  I stand at the window and just watch them in wonder.  I am so impressed with their built in pest control system.  A cow’s tail is an amazing piece of machinery.
They watch me as I hang up my clothes on the lines.  I find myself talking to them and telling them about what I am doing and how my day is going.  To most of you right now, you are questioning my sanity or my lack of social interaction; but when someone (or in this case, something) is standing there just looking at me – staring at me – I find myself with an overwhelming need to explain what I am doing or tell them a little bit about my day.  They don’t seem to mind – they just look on in wonder as their tails shew away the flies and their mouths chew the cud.

I wonder to myself what they are thinking about and whether or not they are hot in the sunshine.  They look hot; and they look big.  Huge actually.  During one of my staring sessions at them I found myself quite taken by their size.  Their size is quite impressive!  Their coats are shiny and they look absolutely beautiful.  

They did not like it when James was out watering the garden.  The mooed and mooed at him.  One snorted and raised her head up and down in protest.  This only made us think that they were all the more wonderful and cute.  I wondered if they felt like we were laughing at them as we looked on and smiled as they made their protests. 
I wondered if they felt the rain on their back when the droplet started from the sky; and I wondered if they had a leader of the pack from whom they followed orders.  One of them seemed to be busy telling all the others what to do and they all seemed to obey whatever it was that she was saying.  (I could tell that she was a 'she' by the size of her utters and the baby that stayed ever so close to her as they grazed.)

So, it is like anywhere else that we have lived.  We have neighbors that we do not quite know or understand; but this time it is a little bit different.  These neighbors don’t talk too much - they just stand there and listen.  They know the day we  but they know we celebrated my husband’s birthday. The were told the day I let the kids sleep the morning I hung the clothes on the line by myself;  and I did share with them that if I lost some weight I would have a lot more clotheslines space wherein to hang my clothes.  (I am also sure that the last piece of information is safe with them – they don’t seem the gossiping type.)

Enjoying country life in the south. Trust you are enjoying your neighbors too.  Thanks for stopping by – I am so glad you did.


Jackie Koll said...

I love this post - I have told my husband more than once that I would love to have cows as neighbors. I don't want to own them but I would love to be able to walk over to the fence and watch them . .maybe even pet thier noses :-)

Becky K. said...

I totally get this post. We have cow neighbors and they make me so happy. We get the biggest kick out of their curiosity and love how social they are. Having read your most recent post I love that they have found a friend to talk to. LOL