She Calls me Mommy

Sometimes it just hits you.  A spoken phrase that stops life and causes you to reflect on something really important.  You know the instant, when life stands still and everything that really matters comes into clear focus and all of those unimportant things that seem to demand our time and attention pale and become blurry - not only in our mind's eye but in value and importance also.

It happened to me this week.  Time stood still.  Everything important made sense and seemed important.

We were walking down a street.  Her and me.  My youngest.  The baby for whom I had prayed so hard.  The one I thought would never come.   My baby.

The feel of her hand in mine still makes my heart leap and my day always seem brighter.  She holds my hand often.  I cherish every squeeze.

She held my hand that day and I co
uld feel her little fingers wrapped around mine; and as she did she looked up at me.  Our eyes met and locked.  It seemed like forever but in reality it was for only a second.  Those big brown eyes.  The eyes that seem to take over her face and convey her every emotion.  Those eyes.  The eyes I looked into over and over that first week we met her.

Mommy?  She said my name in a question and I looked down at her.

Locking eyes with hers I answered, "yes, Anna..."  I waited for her response.  Perhaps she would ask for a treat after we were done with our mission; or perhaps would as for a book to be read before bed that night. 

What followed stopped time for just a moment; but will stick in my heart forever.

"You're my favorite Mommy!" and with her proclamation she squeezed my hand as tight as her little fingers could muster with the strength in her.

I very well could have never even met this little girl who has captured my heart.  Our paths may have never crossed had it not been for God.  Every single day she calls me Mommy.  It could have been someone else who was listening to her today; but God chose for it to be me.  Someone else could be holding her hand and walking with her down a street; but God allowed for it to be me.  I get to tuck her into bed every night and look for her in her hiding place.  I get to snuggle with her every morning as the sleepy eyes open to a new day.  I get to make her lunch; and fold her clothes; and comb her hair.  I get to tell her about God and how much He loves her.  I get to watch those big brown eyes take in life and learn to read, to write and to express herself.

At that moment, time stood still and I realized just how blessed I am to hear her call me Mommy.  It could have been someone else; but God let it be me.

I will be forever grateful!

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