Good News / Bad News Day

We met with the new surgeon today and found out that they have ruled out Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer.  Praise the Lord!

We did find out that we are dealing with  Medullary Thyroid Cancer another rare form of cancer in the thyroid.    There are indications that the cancer is not contained and has moved into the lymph nodes.   Because of these indications  - Rob underwent another biopsy today of the lymph nodes.  We are waiting on those results.  They also are running tests to see if there are indications that it has spread to other places of the body.  We are waiting for those results to come back.  We are looking at some CT scans of the body to see if we have cancer in other places of the body.  They are looking at the liver, pancreas and brain as those are the areas where this type of cancer tends to move towards. 

We will be scheduling surgery as soon as they know the full scope of what we are looking at and all the places where the cancer is located. This cancer is not as fast moving as the Anaplastic would have been - so we have a little bit more breathing room to make sure we locate all the cancer before they put him under.  After surgery we will be having to monitor blood work for years to make sure the cancer does not pop up in other places - as this type of cancer is known to do.  This will be part of our life for years to come. 

I cannot express into words the uplifting difference in our hearts when we got out to the car to head home from the appointment!  We know that God (not *just* the diagnosis) lifted our spirits; because we are still dealing with some tough roads ahead of us.  He just ministered peace to our hearts.  We are so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who cares about us in such a deep way. 

Thanks for all your prayers and continue to pray as we search out if and how much this cancer has spread and seek treatment that will be the best for long term recovery and health.  We covet your prayers for us! 


Becky K. said...

You have been and continue to be in my prayers. Praising God with you that the news wasn't the worst you were dreading....praying with you that God shows Himself all the way through this process and path to healing.

js_sussex said...

You are such an encouragement to me when you share these thoughts.

donslissa said...

Praise the Lord! We prayed for him at church on Wednesday night. We love all ya'll soooo much! We will continue to pray!

Melissa (and Don and the boys)